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A Deserted Island

One day Silly Billy (who lived in London) decided to go to the desert near California. So that morning he took a taxi to San Francisco.
‘That will be $4,000,000 please,’ the taxi driver said. Silly Billy passed him the money and went on his way. He continued by foot to the extremely hot desert where he came across were pieces of melted clocks. The clocks were arranged in a circle. Silly Billy never saw a thing like it.
The clocks started to melt and by doing so melt the ground and then fix themselves to the rock face.
‘Do you like my masterpiece,’ said Salvador.
‘Yes it’s magnificent but does it have to melt the entire area,’ Silly Billy said.
‘Yes I designed the function to create islands,’ Salvador said.
‘I can see that,’ Silly Billy answered.
‘Then why did you ask the question,’ Salvador said.
He disappeared leaving Silly Billy stranded on the deserted island. Silly was now extremely thirsty. To his surprise, Steady Eddie came walking along the edge of the island.
‘Hi, Silly Billy what are you doing here,’ said Steady Eddie.
‘I came to investigate the desert,’ Silly Billy answered. ‘You don’t happen to have a flask of water here do you?’
‘As a matter of fact, I do,’ he said as he passed him the flask.
‘Can you take me home now since we’re running out of page?’ Silly Billy said.
‘Sure, take my hand,’ he said. Silly Billy took his hand. ‘Hocus pocus take us home in a jiffy.’
With a beam of light Silly Billy was at home.
‘Thank you so much,’ Silly Billy said.
‘No problem,’ Steady Eddie replied.
 Steady Eddie then said ‘Good night,’ and left him in peace.
Silly Billy wondered ‘Will I ever see him again.’

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