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A Dream to Remember 2 - A Futuristic Train Station

I was in college one day and it so happened to be the end of the term. I went to get my coat that was hanging on a coat rack where I noticed something it was someone’s name. The name was Olivia Archbold.
I immediately began searching for her to get her autograph but then I stumbled upon a clock, which said it was 12:30. That meant it was time to go. I rode over to the canteen where I was to wait for my parents who were picking me up.
A moment later my parents came and my Mum said we were going on holiday. Dad loaded the car and we were of. We arrived at an ultra-modern and futuristic train station. We got out of the car and walked in.
We entered I could see a wheelchair slide which you place the wheelchair at one end and it gentle slides you on the train.
‘We are going to eat first,’ Dad said. He led us down what look like a train tunnel but was actually a restaurant in disguise. We filled our bellies with pizza and we were on our way.
We went down to the platform and Dad placed me on this wheelchair contraption and it slides me on the train. Mum and Dad went on the traditional way and took a seat.  My chair was onboard and strapped to the wheelchair space and we were off.
We rode out of the station in Liverpool and headed towards our destination of Centre Parcs. We watched Shark Tale. Mum got out the popcorn and we started munching. Dad meanwhile got a cup of coffee and started drinking.
After Shark Tale we were hungry but before we could get some food, we bumped into Steady Eddie.
‘What are you doing here,’ I said.
‘I saw in the news that a new train station was opening and I wanted to have a look,’ said Steady Eddie.
‘What are you doing here?’ Continued Steady Eddie.
‘We just came to see the station and thought we’d try it out. We’re on our way to Centre Parcs,’ said Dad.
‘Yeah, it’s a nice place. The swimming pool, the rotating restaurant and the Bowling Alley,’ I said.
‘Did you say Centre Parcs,’ Steady Eddie Said.
‘Yes,’ we all said.
‘I’m going there too,’ stated Steady Eddie.
(To be Continued in A Dream to Remember 3 – But It’s Not A dream at All)

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