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​A Step in the Wrong Direction

There was a man called Eddie who had a bad leg. One day he went to the circus and when he got there he went to the ticket box where he met Bill the ticket man. Eddie bought a ticket and went in.
As he went down the steps he accidentally tripped and fell.  He tripped on his shoelace and landed on an antique cup. The circus master came and inspected the situation and then called the police.
The police came and after further inspection, arrested him at once. The man then said,  ‘Why are you arresting me?’
‘We are arresting you for falling and breaking an antique cup.’
He went to court, and the judge said, ‘Why is this man here?’
And they said,
 ‘Because he tripped on a cup.’
The lawyer that defended Eddie said, ‘No he didn’t, he actually tripped on his shoelace and fell on the cup.’
The judge said ‘This case is wasting my time.’
 ‘Why is it wasting your time?’ said the circus master. 
The judge continued: ‘The person you are suing happens to be my best mate.’
‘What?’ said the circus master. The judge took off his coat and hat. Just then Eddie’s eyes widened.
‘Is that you, Smartie Artie?’
 ‘Yes and I can tell you are Steady Eddie.’
‘How do you know that?’ asked Steady Eddie.
‘You said, Is that you Smartie Artie? earlier.’
‘Anyway,’ Said Steady Eddie, ‘I’ve got to go to the airport and head to New York.’
‘Ok see you later.’ Said Smartie Artie.
(The story continues in my new story New York)

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