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I was starting my first day at a college in Coventry. I got up in the morning feeling bloated. I got dressed and surfed the net to find traffic reports for the M1 motorway. There was a minor traffic jam but nothing too serious. 
(I am not an ordinary 21 year old. I am an agent working for the CIA. Hereward College knows nothing.)
I then went downstairs to have some chocolate chip pancakes. They were lovely. I had them with cream. After breakfast, I finished packing and then watched some well-deserved TV.
At about 12 my mum said, ‘Time to go.’
‘Ok,’ I said.
My mum and I packed the car and I set the sat nav. Just as we finished my Dad appeared and said: ‘Thank you!’
‘Your welcome,’ said Mum.
We stepped into the car and headed northwest. I turned on my iPod and watched The Simpson’s Movie. Mum was reading the paper and my dad started fiddling with the radio.
One hour on and we were all feeling hungry. Just then we could see Steady Eddie hitch-hiking at the side of the road.
We stopped and let him in.
‘What’s happening?’ he said.
(To Be Continued in Hereward College - The Agent is Nearly There (2). In which we discuss what’s happening, we get to the college and my first mission is followed sadly by a detention)

Hereward College - The Agent is Coming (1)

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