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Tuesday Afternoon – 14:00
We entered West Heath Drive. The limousine parked up. We stepped out to assess the damage. The window was broken, the door was smashed in and the two cats were undoubtedly gone.
We entered the house. The bottom floor was damaged, the ceiling above the TV room was leaking. I was about to assess the rest of the living room until I heard a scream coming from the first floor. I raced upstairs.
I was relieved to see the Supersqueak laying down having a nice snooze next to his brother (Double O). The scream got louder. I went into my parent’s bedroom where I saw my mum and dad strapped together and with sheets over there eyes.
 I ran over to them and started freeing them and reliving them of there sheets.
‘What are you doing here?’ Mum Said
‘I received a mission that consisted off solving a mystery.’ I said
‘What mystery.’ Dad said.
I unblocked their view. They began to see why I came.
‘I came here to get this thief behind bars.’ I said.
I got a phone out and began dialling for a cleaner.
‘Hi, Can I get a cleaner for today at 15:00 please.’
‘OK. Can I have your address please.’ Said the operator.
‘Yeah, it’s West Heath Drive.’ I Said.
(To be continued in Hereward College – The Mission Continues)

Hereward College - The Mission Starts (8)

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