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Tuesday Afternoon – 14:45
 I left after assuring that everything was ok. I entered the limousine and waved to my Mum and Dad. The driver was taking me to an abandoned house in Tottenham Hale.
I was feeling worried. About an hour later I arrived at the house.
‘We believe the robbers are inside,’ said B.
I stepped out. Steady Eddie followed. I entered the house and saw a dark person standing in front of me.
‘Why did you rob my house,’ I said.
‘Because I wanted to see you and maybe kill you,’ said the robber.
‘If you do that then how I’m never going to finish this book,’ I said.
‘Don’t play dumb with me,’ stated the robber.
He then took out a grenade and throws it on the ground. I immediately went down to the floor and stopped it.
‘Do you realise that kids will read this book,’ I said.
‘No. Are they,’ said the robber.
‘Yes, they are,’ I stated.
‘Steady Eddie pass me a garbage bag please,’ I said.
(Remember kids good manners will get you everywhere in life.)
Steady Eddie then passed me a huge black bag. I took one end and SE took the other. I then grabbed the robber and dunked him in the bag.
‘You know what to do,’ I said.
 Steady Eddie took the bag and placed it in the garbage truck.
‘That takes care of him,’ I said.
‘Yeah, Now let's go back to your house to say a final goodbye to your parents before we leave,’ said Steady Eddie.
‘Good idea,’ I said.
(To Be Continued in Hereward College – Back To School (10))

Hereward College - The Mission Continues (9)

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