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Moment 1
Richard Gillespie (my Dad) was in his apartment in America and today is his wedding day to Judy Kalin (my Mum).
Anyway, Richard sat up in bed that morning and glanced at his watch (which was solid black until he presses a button). It said 6:30 when actually it was 7:30. He went back to sleep for another hour, and then he got up and had breakfast (not forgetting the coffee).
His wedding was at 14:00 so he had plenty of time. At around 13:00 (when actually it was 14:00 and time for him to get married) he went down a street and he stopped in front of a clock shop. Now this clock shop had every different type of clock imaginable. (Gladly Hook didn’t go there he’d be mental.) There wasn’t, however, a clock that was standard. When he suddenly saw a clock it said it was 14:15. He ran and ran to the wedding office, and you will never guess who was sitting on the step waiting for him.
You guessed it, Judy Kalin.
Moment 2
One hectic day in 1980 my Mum and Dad were packing to go visit her parents. There was a monumental traffic jam. Anyway, they caught a taxi to drive them to the airport. The taxi was moving about one inch a minute.
About 4 inches later Dad saw a helipad. He turned and said ‘Hey hun why don’t we take a helicopter.’
‘Don’t be ridiculous where are we going to get a Helicopter in the busiest city in the world,’ Mum said.
‘How about over there?’ Dad said.
Mum turned and saw the heliport. They unbuckled, got the cash threw it on the driver’s seat, ran to the helicopter and got to the airport in 2 minutes.

Funny Family Moments

(That Shouldn't be Funny)

(Based on True Stories) 

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