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It was nearly morning on the 20th February. Jenny set the alarm so they couldn’t oversleep. She set the alarm to go off at 7:00. It was now 6:55 light was shining into the window. At 7:00 the alarm went off. Jenny woke up and went into the room where Justin was sleeping because he was so positive that he was able to wake up that he didn’t put on his alarm. Gladly Jenny did that because she found him asleep so she whisked the duvets off his bed.
Justin shot out of bed and said to Jenny ‘What are you Doing?’
‘I’m waking you up because you didn’t set your alarm.’ Replied Jenny.
Justin went into the bathroom and had a shower and got dressed. Jenny went into the bathroom and spent half an hour putting on makeup. Afterwards, she got dressed and they both had breakfast.
It was now 8:30. They put together a plan for the day. This is what they came up with:
9:00 – Load the car
9:15 – Set off from their house in Westminster to St Pancras Station.
9:45 – Arrive and get tickets to Paris for 12 noon.
10:00 to 11:00 – Get some stuff they forgot.
11:00 to 11:45 – Have Lunch.
11:45 – Head to the platform.
They had to stop there. It was 9:00 they cleaned their plates and finished the last minute packing. Justin was packing the DVD player in bubble wrap and placed it in their hand luggage.
Jenny and Justin went to the toilet and packed the car. They locked the back door and turned on the security system. Then they went to the car and set off.
They were nearing the station when a traffic jam suddenly appeared. ‘What do we do now?’ Jenny said.
‘Don’t worry everything will be fine.’ Justin said. But it was getting worse and worse…
(To Be Continued in The Unintended Journey 4 – Jenny and Justin get a huge shock; they book tickets to Paris and they get a tour around the City of Paris)

The Unintended Journey 3 – Around The World in Eighty Days (Part 2)

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