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​Fire and flames coming out of the plane. The pilot receives information that the plane is going to crash. The pilot thinks about landing at another airport … but it is too late.
Joe, at the same time, a passenger sitting in seat 23A sees the engine blow from his window and quickly presses the intercom. A crew member comes and he says,
‘I believe I saw flames coming from that engine.’
 He says this quietly so as not to upset the others. The crew member hurries over to the pilot.
The plane starts to drop. The pilot makes a decision – he is going to have to land it in the Hudson River. Meanwhile, the passengers are silent, praying for their safety. Joe is wondering whether or not he will see his family again.
The pilot makes an announcement.
‘Brace! Brace! Brace!’
 The plane heads downwards. Splash! Thud! The plane is in the river. A crew member makes an announcement.
 ‘Please take the bag from under your seat, open it up and put the life jacket over your head. Then head to your nearest exit taking nothing but your children with you.’
 Passengers in trauma, worried and do as they’re told.
The exits open and everyone begins to disembark. The pilot waits until all the passengers exited. Then he walks up and down the plane helping those left behind. When all the passengers are safely off the plane, he exits too. Everyone is celebrating their survival, the pilot, and one by one they say ‘God bless you.’
Later, when the pilot is on dry land, the mayor has something to say to him,
‘I commend you for your bravery and skill. Well done.’
You might be wondering how did the plane get those fire and flames? Well earlier the plane hit a flock of birds.

New York Miracle

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