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One lunchtime I overheard someone say ‘How are you?’ Which is fine but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was he said it every 5 seconds and most annoyingly to the same person.
We were eating and he kept saying ‘I have a girlfriend.’ Which is fine but like before said it again and again.
I became annoyed with this so I said, ‘There are five ways of talking. (There is two more but you’ll find them out from your parents when you’re over 18.)

  1. Text Talk, example, “How r u?”

  2. Formal

  3. Slang, example, “I’ve got some dosh” Dosh = Money.

  4. Friend talk.

  5. Everyday Talk

At a meal, you need to use number five, in a job interview you need to use number 2 and with your friends you can use any of them.
At a meal you can’t keep switching between different types it’s inappropriate and you may get in trouble.
The rest is up 2 U, so long as they don’t break the above sentences.
The meaning of the title:
Place Conversation – What you usually say.
In the Right Place – The appropriate place to say it.

Place Conversation in the Right Place

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