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It was 10:45 on the 20th February, Jenny, Justin and Steady Eddie was trying to find a café to have a spot of lunch. They saw a wide range of places to eat. They consisted of Carluccio's, YO! Sushi and YO! Sushi. But than Steady Eddie remembered the Mc Donald’s outside the Millennium Dome in Greenwich so he discussed the option with Jenny and Justin and they both agreed.
Steady Eddie than got a wide and long box and asked Jenny and Justin to get in. When they got in the box he closed the lid and placed a blanket over it. Steady Eddie than said the magic words.
‘Transfer this box to Millennium Dome.’
 The box just stayed where it was. Steady Eddie opened the box and Jenny and Justin came out of the box. Justin asked
‘Are we there yet?’
Steady Eddie replied ‘No I wonder why it didn’t work.’
Jenny said ‘Maybe you said the implication wrong.’
‘But that’s where I saw the Mc Donald’s (from another story) I will just check it out on my laptop. He typed it in and he clicked on the first hyperlink. No wonder.’ Steady Eddie said in a high-toned voice.
‘It changed name to the ‘02 Arena’ Steady Eddie went on.
‘It also said that if you want to magically travel there you got to describe what you look like.’
Steady Eddie said to Justin ‘Hurry it’s 11:15.’
Justin said ‘I have curly black hair with a cap on. I also have blue jeans and trainers on.’
‘Jenny you next.’
Jenny then said ‘I have blonde hair slightly curly with green eyes. I also have a dress on with high heeled shoes.’
Just as she finished that sentence they all started flashing. When they got there they rushed toward the dome and realised it wasn’t the dome at all it was the O2 arena.
It was 11:45 they checked the time and realised it was getting late so they asked Steady Eddie to magically take them back to the station. Steady Eddie agreed. In a flash, they were back at the station.
The ticket stated that it was platform 6 they didn’t have to walk far. As they walked up they could see the train. The doors were open and they stepped on board.
(To be continued in The Unintended Journey 6 – What they did during the train Journey and what they did when they got to Paris.)

The Unintended Journey 5 

Around the World in 80 Days (Part 4)

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