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​I was feeling worried, and tried not to think about it. After breakfast the following day I became nervous and a bit upset about what was going to happen.
As I was walking along the watch vibrated.
‘Don’t bother me now.’ I said.
I ran toward the door and went in my helicopter. They took me to a warehouse where I saw a group of henchmen.
‘Your mission is to eliminate them.’ Said Steady Eddie.
‘Well that’s clear.’ I said.
Steady Eddie laughed.
‘At this point I was certainly expelled.’ Thought Jeffrey whilst he was shooting a net around the warehouse.
‘That should take care of them.’ I said.
We went back to school and when we arrived a face greeted me that I didn’t fancy seeing until later, my Media teacher.
‘Why did you not come to your detention today? I told you via e – mail that you would be expelled if you didn’t turn up.’ He said in an angry voice.
‘Can I say what I do to my teachers or does that mean I will be fired from the job.’ I said.
‘He needs to know.’ Steady Eddie said.
‘What I’m about to tell you needs to remain with you and me.’ I said.
‘Sure. Then come to my office and tell me there.’ He said.
(To be continued in – Hereward College – The secret is revealed to the media department or is it (6))

Hereward College - The Detention is Not Going to Happen (5)

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