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One morning Steady Eddie woke up and had breakfast. He did all the usual things, brushed his teeth, shined his nose, and then he got out the swifter. With three clicks, he popped it together. He then said, ‘Abracadabra, can you please start cleaning?’
The swifter ran across the hallway, cleaning the whole house, with no one holding on.
You might think this is impossible but for Steady Eddie, it is quite simple. The swifter flew round in circles and did a flip, too.
That night Smartie Artie came over to ask Steady Eddie a question.
‘Would you like to come on a journey to Florida? To Disneyland and Universal Studios?’
Steady Eddie always wanted to go to Disneyland and said yes.
They took a bus to Gatwick Airport, then a train to Florida. It took a day and a half. When they arrived, they rented a flying car boat. They sailed around until they reached Disneyland. They designed some tickets and walked in.
In Universal Studios they went on Men in Black Alien Attack and Earthquake. Then they took a  ­­­­­­­­­peculiar train ride. They flipped onto a seat until the train pulled up to a station. Another train came. It flipped over and a rush of water burst through. It was quite scary if I do say so myself! 

The Dancing Swifter 

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