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A house, calm day, family playing
All of a sudden the sky turns black  
Family inspect the window
‘This doesn’t look good’
They then heard a knock on the door
The mother whispered to the children to go in the basement and hide
She then went and opened the door
An officer was at the door and said, ‘Are there any children here?’
The mother said ‘No’
The officer went in the house to check
He went upstairs, to the attic
Saw nothing
Then he went to the basement, the mother starting to worry
The officer couldn’t see anything so he left
The mother starting to cry
All of a sudden she could see her children at the door
‘Well we knew he was going to inspect the basement so when he was
Upstairs we went out the basement and out the door
And when he went into the basement we then went back in and went upstairs’
‘I knew you would be able to outwit that officer, I just had to see you before I could
Stop crying’
‘We know,’ said the children

The Holocaust

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