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20th February. Day 1
When they entered the train they could see a door in front of them and they could go left or right. They decided to go left. They could see a spare space next to them.
 ‘Shell we go in this space?’ Questioned Jenny.
 ‘Yes.’ said Justin and Steady Eddie simultaneously. They took a seat.
It was now 11:55 the train was nearly going to depart. The train was modern; there were chequered fabric seats with a headrest and a plug on the wall next to them.
Justin then said ‘Why don’t we choose a film?’
‘That’s a good idea, Justin.’ Said Jenny.
While they were talking the train began to move. Yes, it was 12.00 it was time to begin their journey.
‘How long till we get to Paris?’ Jenny questioned.
‘About 2 and a half hours.’ Justin said.
‘So we should get there at 14:30.’ Justin continued. ‘Anyway what film do you want to see?’
‘Lets see The Simpson’s Movie.’ Steady Eddie suggested.
‘Yeah, that’s really funny.’ Justin stated as he rummaged through his bag. He got out the DVD player and the charger. He then plugged the charger into the wall and the other end into the DVD.
Jenny got out The Simpson’s Movie and inserted it into the player. They fast forward through the adds and then pressed play.
90 minutes later
‘That was really funny what part did you like?’ Justin asked.
‘The bit I enjoyed was when Homer fell through the roof. How about you?’ Steady Eddie said.
‘I liked the bit where Homer was being electrocuted.’ Justin said.
‘Yeah, me too.’ Jenny added.
It was now 13:30 they were getting hungry so they dipped in the bag. They couldn’t see anything..... So……….
(To be continued – They arrive in Paris and they book train tickets to Nice)

The Unintended Journey 6 

Around the World in 80 Days (Part 5)

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