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The only sunny day in New York Brian Hashimoto and his girlfriend, Lucy Gillespie was enjoying a nice leisurely breakfast. After breakfast, they packed a picnic and went to the park to have a stroll by the river.
At one end of the river, there was a boat. Meanwhile, Lucy was looking for a place to put the blanket.
‘What are you doing,’ Brian said.
‘I’m looking for a place to put our blanket,’ Lucy responded.
‘Oh. We don’t need one,’ said Brian.
‘Why not,’ Lucy said.
‘We’re going to eat on that.’ Brian pointed to a boat with candles and the sides filled with flowers.
‘Is this a special day,’ Lucy asked.’
‘No I just want to do something nice for you,’ Brian responded.
They stepped into it. Brian nodded to the driver. They started eating. When they finished Brian turned on some romantic music and turned the volume down low.
‘Why not turn the volume up,’ said Lucy.
‘Because I need to say something to you first. I had a wonderful time with you and I want to spend all my life with you. (Brian reached in his pocket.) Will you marry me,’ Brian said.
All of a sudden Steady Eddie popped up and stopped time.
‘I think we need to make the surrounding a bit more romantic,’ said Steady Eddie
‘Abra kadabra make this lake be surrounded by a romantic forest,’ continued Steady Eddie.
All of a sudden the buildings shrunk and a lovely rainforest came up. Steady Eddie resumed time.
‘Yes of course I will,’ said Lucy.
Brian placed the ring on Lucy’s finger. He then looked up and noticed the forest.
There were 17 year old boys in the rushes shouting ‘Kiss her!’ at Brian.
‘Ah that’s fantastic. Thank you Steady Eddie,’ Brian Said.
‘How did you know it was me?’ Steady Eddie said.
‘Oh Lucy read Jeffrey’s story and told me about it,’ said Brian.
They then went back to New York and went to the Capital Grill Buffet to have a romantic dinner.
After dinner they went back home and enjoyed the evening.

The Proposal We've All Been Waiting For
(Based on a True Story)

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