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20th February, Day 1 (Evening)
It was now 19:05, Steady Eddie thought it was time for dinner so he got a bowl and covered it and said the magic words ‘Abra Kadabra.’ Suddenly the bowl was covered in Chips and Pizza. Justin cut the pizza.
‘Shall we watch a film?’ said Jenny. The other’s agreed.
‘Why don’t we watch High School Musical?’
The others said ‘Definitely.’
They turned it on.
90 Minutes Later
It ended at 20:30.
‘That film was ace.’ said Justin.
‘Yeah, that was really good.’ Said Jenny.
They decided to turn in for the night.
21st February, Day 2 (Morning)
They got up at 7.00. They got dressed and had breakfast. After breakfast, they loaded the car and began their onward journey.
Justin started the car and the set off to the gas station. Justin filled the car and paid for the gas.
(To be continued in The Unintended Journey 10 – They head to the next Hotel and do some sightseeing in Bordeaux) 

The Unintended Journey 9 – Around The World in 80 Days (Part 8) 

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