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One November morning there was a gust of wind coming through the Pillards living room when suddenly the window and the surrounding wall caved in. Gillard Pillard and his wife Jillard Pillard were upstairs asleep when suddenly their alarm clock woke them up. They headed downstairs to what they thought would be a leisurely breakfast.


They entered the living room with shock. They saw a complete tip. It was like something exploded. 


‘I’ll call some builders to come and give some quotes to fix this massacre,’ said Gillard angrily.  

‘That’s good,’ said Jillard.

 A builder raced over narrowly missing a parked Mercedes Benz, but then the van tipped over and destroyed the car. The builder managed to get out of the car and inspect the problem. Meanwhile outside a fire has erupted with the builder not realising. (Kids if you ever see a fire call 999 in the UK or 911 in the US.) The builder inspected the damage and said: ‘My quote to fix this eye saw is £2,000.’ Another builder came by and inspected the damage and said: 


‘My quote to fix this monstrosity will be £10,000.’ 

‘That sounds reasonable,’ said Gillard. 

The final builder popped by to inspect the damage. ‘My quote to fix this disaster is £5,000,000.’ 


Gillard went upstairs to see his wife.

 ‘I got three quotes. One wants 2000 another wants 10,000 and the other wants 5,000,000,’ he said.  


‘£5,000,000,’ Jillard said. She then fainted on the bed. 


‘Honey, are you ok,’ Gillard said. 


Gillard didn’t realise why Jillard fainted. When he realised he fainted as well.


 (To be continued in Building Work Goes From Bad to Worse)  

Three Quotes

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