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21st February, Day 2 (Afternoon)


 Justin placed the sat nav in driverless mode so he could enjoy the film with the others. Jenny took out the DVD player and Steady Eddie placed the DVD in the drive. They started watching. About 20 minutes in they suddenly stopped unexpectedly.

 ‘What happened,’ said Jenny and Steady Eddie at the same time. 

‘I don’t know. But if we don’t fix it soon we won’t arrive it Bordeaux on time,’ said Justin.

 Justin attempted to start the car but it failed. 


‘If only my friend Silly Billy was here. He’d have us out of here in a jiffy,’ Steady Eddie said. 


Just then another driver drove past them. I’ll give you three guesses about who it might be. 


(Quiz) (Kids stop reading and hand this book to your parents.)

 (Note to parents. Give them three guesses) 


It was Silly Billy. Silly Billy got out of his car and went up to them. 

‘What are you doing here,’ they all said. 

‘I installed a tracker to the rear of your car when you were in London so if you stalled I could give you a hand,’ said Silly Billy. 


Silly Billy received the jumper cables and attached one side to his engine and the other to the other engine and jump started the car.

 ‘There you go,’ Silly Billy said as he continued his route around the world.


 All of a sudden the car burst open and formed a Hot Air Balloon type vehicle and went up in the air. They could see Bordeaux ahead. They could even see where they would be staying. They gradually descended and landed in Bordeaux. 


(To be continued in The Unintended Journey 13 - Around the World in Eighty Days (Part 12))

The Unintended Journey 12 – Around The World in 80 Days (Part 11) 

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