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One English morning, Bill, Jill and their son Gill Budulwadden were having breakfast. After breakfast Bill takes his recycling truck down the road and fills it up. On the way to the recycling centre, a gust of wind blows the rubbish out off the recycling truck and into a dumper truck.


When Bill arrives at the centre his friend Wad Ofcash greets him. Bill is opening his bills and looks at the total.


'I'll just send them a 'Wad Ofcash.' Bill said.


Meanwhile, Jill works in a company and she's the person who sends out the bills. This is quite difficult for her because this means she has to ask her husband for money all the time. (Well who doesn't?)


  Anyway back at the recycling centre, Bill looks in his truck and sees absolutely nothing. He looks outside and realises his recycling is in a rubbish truck.


Another gust of wind came by the rubbish truck and swirls the rubbish up in the air and it lands in the recycling boxes all mixed up. Cans are in the book box and books are in the clothes box. Suddenly a bomb explodes under the recycling boxes and makes a complete mess of the town.


The next day Bill is in his chair. Gill walks by.


'You look tense you need to chill Bill (Dad).' Said Gill. 


'I will Gill. Thank you.' Replied Bill as he turned on the TV.


'News just in a mess just erupted from a volcano.' Said the newscaster.


'That's rubbish,' Bill replied. Gill looks shocked looking out the window, Bill gets up and turns his head and faints on the floor beside his Chill Pill. 

Environmentally Unfriendly 2

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