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The next morning Heather and I got up early. 'Today's the day I go to Belfast.'

'Do you want me to meet you there?' Heather said.

'Yes please,' I said, slightly worried about my parent's reaction.

'Just one more thing before this relationship goes further. I want kids and want to move to Florida.' I said rather hesitantly.

'Me too,' Heather said. 'I’ve got a surprise for you which you will get in Belfast.'


We arrived in Belfast where I had the operation. The next day Heather was arriving.

'Mum, Dad, I've got something to tell you. I've been seeing someone and she's coming tomorrow.'


'It's about time,' they said happily.


Doctors came in and transferred me to the operating theatre, where they started.


They put me in a private room where I had a nice long rest. Heather came in the next morning.


'I've got something for you,' she said exotically. 


She took off her coat and shut the door and locked it. She then helped me get undressed and placed the duvet on top of me.


She then took off her jumper and trousers to reveal a body stocking. She placed a condom on me and we did our thing.


Three years later


I took Heather to the Shard where I went down on one knee and said,

'I want to spend my entire life with you. Will you marry me?'

I showed her this huge ring.

'Of course', she said.


We got married at a registry office and then went out to a nice restaurant. After the meal, we went home to the bedroom. We got undressed and I sat on the bed where I did my duty and we went to bed.

Nine years later


We moved to St Petersburg with our three kids, Samantha, Emma (who were Identical) and Tyler (9).


It was morning and we were going to the beach, we packed a picnic and some books. Samantha and Emma wore a white bikini with a lace dress and Tyler wore swimming trunks and a vest.


We headed to the beach where we found a place to settle. We laid down on a blanket, Tyler took off his vest and rushed to the ocean, the girls took off their lace dress and joined in.


I had my eye on them. Heather came over and took off her shirt and shorts. She helped me to do the same. She then took off her bikini and started to sunbathe.

I removed my swimming costume. We faced the sea so we could see the kids and placed a towel on us to keep us modest. 


The kids finished swimming and came over to us. Samantha took off her swimming costume and wrapped herself in a towel. She then took the towel and sat on it while reading a book. Tyler and Emma did the same.


They sat there till dinner when we put on our ponchos and headed home. When we got home we had dinner of Mac and Cheese.


After dinner, the kids had a bath then went to bed.

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The Operation

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