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‘What do we do now?’ Said Ned.
‘I think we should go to Bedroom Farce now to make sure we don’t turn up late,’ Mrs Noddleman said.
‘Good idea,’ thought Mr Noodleman.
They went back in their car and went on there way to the theatre. It was now 13:30 but suddenly they were in a traffic jam. They were in Golders Green and they had to get to St Martin's Lane in the center of London.
They were pleased they left this early. It was bumper to bumper all the way. All of a sudden they could see Steady Eddie and decided to pick him up.
‘What are you doing here?’ said Mrs Noodleman.
‘I was coming home from New York,’ said Steady Eddie.
‘What were you doing in New York,’ said Poodle Noodleman.
(The next line is completely true except for Steady Eddie helping out.)
‘I was helping Brian Hashimoto propose to his true love Lucy Gillespie,’ he replied.
‘Ah that’s sweet,’ Poodle said.
‘Can you help us get to the play on time,’ said Mr Noodleman.
‘That’s what I’m here for,’ replied Steady Eddie.
‘The Noodlemans need to get to the play on time,’ Steady Eddie said as he snapped his fingers.
All of a sudden the car lifted into the air and was surrounded by a bright glow of light and suddenly disappeared.
About 30 seconds later it reappeared in a desert near California.
‘We will definitely miss our play,’ said Poodle.
‘I got an idea. Why don’t we go to New York to see Hangman School for Girls,’ said Mr Noodleman.
‘Yes let’s do that,’ everyone said.
(To be continued in A Trip with the Noodlemans 3 – We’re Going to See Hangman School for Girls

A Trip with the Noodlemans 2 - What They Did Next 

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