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One Halloween night when all of London was asleep, two aliens arrived in the capital from Outer Space and bashed straight into the London Eye. Their names were Kang and Scary Tim.
They’d been living in space for ten thousand years. They’d been in a battle and one of their opponent’s head – butted Kang who went flying down to earth with Scary Tim close behind. They were shocked. They looked around them and saw this giant wheel and thought, ‘In this place, they seem to have cars as big as skyscrapers.’
We’ve got to get back to our planet!’ shouted Scary Tim.
 ‘How will they find us?’ exclaimed Kang.
‘Send a wake - up call to everyone in this new place.’
‘Ah hah! I just had a great idea,’ said Kang. ‘What we do is make a giant
3-D picture of ourselves and fix it to this giant wheel.’’

So that’s what they did. They made a giant 3-D poster of themselves and stuck it onto the London Eye. In the morning it was going round and round. They had spotted the sign saying ‘British Airways London Eye.’ and changed it to ‘Alien Eye.’ A crowd gathered and saw this extraordinary display. The police were called. The mayor came and even Gordon Brown drove up in his limo with a bat. By this time the aliens were awake and came out of the capsules. Gordon Brown jumped onto the Eye and with one mighty swing whacked them through the air where they went sailing back to their planet. The Queen arrived and said, ‘Bravo! Bravo!’  The aliens, meanwhile, fell down to the ground because of an on-coming aeroplane that sucked them into its engines and then blew them back down to the Eye. Gordon Brown attached a rocket to their bottoms and lit a match. The pair went flying back to planet Jupiter and were never heard from again.

The Alien Eye

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