Nick was in the supermarket buying some things for dinner. He went to the check - out and went home. When he was at home he noticed that the roof was coming down. He was about to call a builder when all of a sudden the phone rang.
‘Hello, is it me you're looking for?
I can build you a new roof so fine you won’t believe your eyes.
When I’m finished I will be able to see it in your smile, that you’ve finally got the roof you wanted,’ said Lionel Rich.
‘How did you know I was looking for a builder?’ asked Nick.
‘I’m outside your house and I can see it,’ said Lionel.
‘Oh, so when can you come and fix it?’ Nick asked.
‘Right now! It’ll only cost £1.50.’
‘Ok, thank you!’ said Nick
Lionel went up a ladder and fixed the roof in no time. Nick was so pleased he paid him £20,000 and then asked him if he needed a place to stay for the night, as it was 10 pm.
 ‘Why not?’ Said Lionel.
Nick showed him to the guest bedroom and then went to bed himself.

Builder Required