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There was a guy called Austin and one morning he went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. He went over to a cabinet and opened the door. All of a sudden a First Aid kit fell on his head. He lost his balance and fell over, but when he started to get up he slipped on a Band-Aid. Then grabbed the edge of a chair, lost his balance, knocked over a bottle of pills and pokes himself with a safety pin!  He then fell to the ground. He quite cleverly always kept a mobile phone in his pocket. So he reached in his pocket and called the emergency services.
‘Hi, is this the Emergency Services?’ he asked.
‘Yes, it is. How may I help you?’ asked the operator.
‘I just had a terrible accident and I require an ambulance.’
‘OK. Can I please have your address?’
‘Sure! It’s 2 Gloster Avenue.’
‘Thank you.’
‘Since I can’t get up can you ask them to knock the door down?’ 
‘We wouldn’t have it any other way.’
About five minutes later there was a knock and a bang at the door. The doctors came rushing in and put Austin on a stretcher, brought him downstairs and carried him into the ambulance. 
When they got to casualty they unloaded him and brought him in the ward where the doctor was going to see him.
‘Hi, What happened here?’ the doctor said.
‘This morning I opened the kitchen cupboard and a first aid kit fell on my head!’
‘I have been a doctor for about 3 and a half seconds and that is probably the craziest story I’ve ever heard. I’ll be back.’
The doctor came back six hours later with some bandages the size of two double decker buses. He unwound them and placed them around Austin’s forehead.
‘ OK you are all done. You won’t be able to have a bath for 50 years.’
‘OK,’ said Austin.
Austin was feeling exhausted so he went home and went straight to bed.


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