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It was morning, the sun was creeping in, Samantha and Emma got out of bed and started to pack three bikinis, a summer dress, poncho and just in case a burnt soul casual catsuit (each).

Tyler packed some gold leggings, leather leggings and two t-shirts.

Heather finished loading the car and we all piled in. We drove down the turnpike and arrived at the Hilton Doubletree and checked in.

Heather got changed into a bikini and wore a summer dress, Samantha and Emma put on a bikini along with the summer dress to leave the hotel in dignity.

We all left the hotel where the girls took off their dresses and placed them in heather’s handbag. We continued walking down the street till we got to the beach where we found a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the sites.

All of a sudden Steady Eddie came by and requested their help.

'I have a situation, I'm stuck in a video game and I need help to get out,' he said.

'We can help,' we all said excitedly.

'I would appreciate that immensely,' Steady Eddie said.

He wrapped a sheet around them and clicked his fingers. They began spinning very fast then crash landed in what looked like a rainforest.

All of a sudden a giant bear started chasing them, they ran and ran till they came to a river they fell in the river, it went black then Emma woke up 'it was all a dream.'

In the morning the kids had breakfast, got dressed and Heather drove them to school.

The kids entered and got ready to start the day.

Meanwhile, a car came right in front, 'Jeffrey I need you to find a girl.' The mother said in a quite low but still kind voice. 'Ok', Jeffrey said.

I = Jeffrey

I got out of the car and went to his first lesson thinking about what his mum said. After a slightly tense maths lesson, he had a break where he was thinking about what his mum said.

I began scanning the hallway and I saw this girl who had blonde hair, leather trousers with blue eyes. I walked over.

‘Need some company?’ I said calmly.

‘Yes, what's your name?’

‘Jeffrey. What's yours?’


‘Emma that's a nice name. What are your hobbies?’

‘Naturism, which basically means I like the human body. Yours?’

‘Computers, mainly Web design. Have you got any siblings?’

‘An identical sister and a brother.’

'Do you have a boyfriend Emma?' I said with my hopes high.

'Not yet. Do you want to be mine?' Emma said, looking pleased.

'Sure' I said with a smile on my face.

'Do you want to come over to my house later?'

‘Sure’ I said.

I called my mum and said I'll be staying the night with friends.

Emma took me to her house and we went straight upstairs.

‘Remember when I said Naturism was my hobby.’

‘Yes,’ I said

‘Well I’m always nude at home but I want to give you a surprise.’

She left and came back 4 hours later wearing a burnt soul catsuit.

I faced the window while she took off her catsuit and threw it in the dirty clothes basket. She then placed a bag beside me.

‘A present for you,’ she said calmly.

She went under the covers and waited. I opened the bag and there was a note it read -

My gift to you is a threesome with my twin Samatha since we are identical and we want to live together always.

The door opened and her sister came in and she got undressed and slid in the bed. I got undressed and slid in the middle.

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