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The Unintended Journey 2 - Around the World in Eighty Days (Part 1)

After Jenny and Justin accepted their gift they read the message and it said:

Your Prize 

Your prize is basically what you have just completed in 80 minutes. Only this time it’s 80 days. So you need to leave at noon on the 20th of February and come back on the 10th of May at noon. 

After they read the message they were very excited because they had more time to explore than in their previous journey.

It was about 14:00 hours so they headed to a nearby café to have some lunch. Justin ordered a chicken burger and a coke and Jenny ordered a sandwich with a side of salad.

‘So where shall we go afterwards to get ready for this big adventure tomorrow?’ Justin asked.

‘Lets go to Costco and get supplies; then go to the bank to get money, and then pack our bags.’

At around 15:30 they headed to Costco. When they got there they were surprised because it was huge! It was as big as an airport. The first thing they did was become members. They filled out a form and had their photographs taken. Then they were ready to buy what they needed. They bought suitcases, food and clothes. They even got some DVDs and a portable DVD player to play them on. They also got headphones and a two-way connection for the player. Then they went to the checkout to pay for the products; they had spent £243.45. When they loaded the car they realised they had forgotten the DVD case.

‘We can get that at St Pancras Station tomorrow.’ Justin said.

They then went into the car and drove to the bank. Justin went to the ATM and got out £2,000 but the ATM could only give out £500 at a time so he just placed his card in four times. He then went in the car and went home. It was now 18:30. They were starting to get hungry and sleepy so they made some sandwiches and went to bed.

‘Sleep well we have a long day tomorrow,’ Jenny Said.

(To Be Continued in The Unintended Journey 3 - Car Journey to St Pancras Station and a Big Surprise.)

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