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A Step in the Wrong Direction 3 - A Pointless Court Case 2

The lawyer walked into the director’s office.

 ‘Sorry to storm in on you like this but I’ve got some bad news regarding what happened in the Museum today,’ said the lawyer.

‘Bad news. What bad news could this be,’ the museum director said.

‘You are sued for not having proper disability access,’ said the lawyer.

‘Ok, it’s pointless but ok,’ said the museum director.

‘The case will be held tomorrow at 10 o’clock at The Royal Courts of Justice,’ the lawyer said.

She walked out and told Duncan the good news.

The next day Duncan went inside the courtroom and the case started.

‘Please stand for the presence of Judge Jody Sheindlin,’ said the assistant.

‘Here’s the case between Doonot and Smith. The party’s been sworn in judge. Please be seated,’ the assistant said.

‘Samuel Smith tell you’re part of the story please,’ Jody Said.

‘Certainly. Well, Duncan was in my museum and on the top floor and he was coming back down. As he walked downstairs he tripped on his shoelace and fell as he fell he nudged a priceless artefact down with him and it broke into 6 million pieces,’ said Samuel.’

‘Ok. Can I hear your side now please,’ Jody Said?

‘I only grabbed the vase to steady my fall as I lost my balance,’ said Duncan.

‘Ok Judgement to the plaintiff, that’s you, sir, to get the museum Disabled friendly and I’ve also assigned Judy Gillespie as your auditor. Duncan because you have been disadvantaged by this pointless episode you don’t need to pay a dime because the museum will pay all your costs,’ said Jody 

‘Thank you Jody,’ said Duncan happily.

Duncan was so happy that he went home for a nice rest and a bite to eat.

(To be continued in A Step in the Wrong Direction 3 – The museum is audited and a special surprise in store for Duncan from Samuel for wasting his time.)

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