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Hereward College - The Agent is Nearly There (2)

​‘Where are you headed?’ asked Steady Eddie.
‘We’re going to Hereward College. Tomorrow is my first day.’

‘Great school! Why did you decide to go to Hereward?’ Steady Eddie asked.
‘Excellent access, mainly, I said.
‘Oh it’s really important to get good grades at a school where you feel really comfortable.’

‘We were on our way to get some lunch at the services,’ said Dad.

‘Oh, how hungry are you? I can do some magic,’ said Steady Eddie.

‘We are quite hungry,’ I said. Just then I heard my tummy rumbling.

‘Hey, then pull over, he said. Hocus Pocus: My mates and I are craving pizza and coke with a coffee as well.’

All of a sudden there was a beam of light that made the car so bright that we had to cover our eyes. (Glad we’d parked the car.)

When the light cleared we could see a tray with two large pizzas, three medium cokes and a coffee.

Dad grabbed the coffee and started drinking. I took a slice of pizza and handed a slice to Dad. Mum also took a slice and everyone was munching away.

‘That was the best pizza I’ve had in years,’ Steady Eddie said between bites. ‘How far do we have to go?’

‘About an hour and a half’s drive,’ I said.

‘Would you like me to transport you all to Hereward College right now?’ Steady Eddie asked.

‘OK,’ we all answered.

‘Abracadabra! Transport me and my friends to Hereward College!’

The car suddenly lifted off the ground and began to spin.

(To Be Continued in Hereward College – We Finally Arrive (3) - I get registered. I have my first lesson, a mission and then a detention.)

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