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Hereward College - The Next Mission (7)

Tuesday Morning 10:45

I headed outside and I could see a limousine parked outside. ‘That’s new.’ I said.

‘Yeah we thought of a helicopter but there’s no helipad where we are going so we got this instead.’

We stepped into the 78.2-inch white limo and strapped in. I got out two cokes and two straws and gave one to Steady Eddie.

‘Thank you.’ Steady Eddie Said.

We were now headed down the M1. Steady Eddie then gave me the brief.

It said:

The Brief

You are heading back to your home in London because your home has been robbed. The robber escaped but I tracked him down to Tottenham Hale. So you are going to assess the damage at your house first and then a police escort to Tottenham Hale.



P.S. Your parents don’t know you're coming home.

‘Yeah.’ I said in a thrilled tone. ‘That definitely will be the best mission yet.’

We were now nearing the M25 (Which is the ring road around London.).

(To be Continued in Hereward College – The Mission Starts (8))

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