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Hereward College -1 - Getting the Assignment

I was sitting in the library doing my work with my best mate Fozzy T (Tony Foskett) along with Jamie and Niki.

About 1 hour into my work I get a phone call. It was from someone called B informing me that I got a place at Hereward College.

I continued my work until lunch where we would log off and go have ours in the canteen. I had Chicken and Tony did as well. I told him that I got into Hereward College but also that there was a problem with that.

‘What’s the problem,’ Tony said sounding worried.

‘The problem is that Barnet is reluctant to pay for me to go to a school with complete disability access,’ I said.

‘They can’t do that,’ he said.

‘They did say I can go to Barnet College though. I’m visiting there tomorrow,’ I said.

‘What if that college is no good,’ said Tony.

‘If Barnet College is no good then I have to do my thing and hopefully, get rejected,’ I said.

We went back to the library to play some games and challenge ourselves at quickwords since we were well ahead of everyone else in our business class.

At 15:00 we went to the bus and went home. Now I live in North West Barnet which is about 5 minutes away. But that’s not how long it takes me to get home.Instead, it takes 45 minutes to get home.

At 15:45 I arrive back and Matt greats me. I walk through the living room, play pool and watch TV.

The next day I go look round Barnet College, nice place but there are a number of problems:
The great big hill to get in. (I was crying when I saw it)
Narrow doorways
No PhysiotherapyA few weeks later I had an interview.

Q1) ‘Why do you want to come here?’

‘I want to come here so Barnet will be happy.’ I replied

‘Will you be though?’

‘No. This college is not suitable for my needs,’ I replied.

(To be continued in Hereward College (-2) – Someone who is Asking to get Rejected from a College)

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