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The Unintended Journey 10- – Around The World in 80 Days (Part 9)

21st February, Day 2 (Morning)

They left the gas station at 9.30.
‘This trip will be 8 hours long, so we will get there at 17.30. As they headed out the station they headed east. Justin put the Sat Nav on and then hit the cruise control button so the car would drive itself.

As the cruise control was connected to the Sat Nav the car would drive according to it. They then decided to watch Around the World in Eighty Days. So they did.

(2 Hours Later)

‘That was really funny.’ Said, Steady Eddie.

‘Ditto.’ Said Jenny.

 Justin agreed.

It was now 11.30. Just then Justin’s tummy started to rumble.

‘I think you know what to do.’ Said Justin.

Steady Eddie did his thing. He got a bag, empty of course and a blanket. He covered the bag with the blanket and said the magic words.

‘Abra Kadabra let this bag be filled with… ‘What do you want?’

Justin said ‘Pizza.’

Jenny Agreed.

Steady Eddie continued, …pizza.’

All of a sudden the bag had a box in it, three bottles of coke and a couple of straws.

Justin decided to stop in a service for a while to eat their lunch. Justin found a perfect spot with a nice view of Paris.

 (To be continued in The Unintended Journey 11. They head to Rue Montesquieu, 33000 Bordeaux, France, and decide what to do next.)

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