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The Unintended Journey 7 – Around The World in 80 Days (Part 6)

20th February, Day 1 (Afternoon)

It was now 13:30. Steady Eddie saw that the food bag was empty so he closed the bag and gave it a shake. He then opened it and was delighted to see that it worked. The bag contained 6 burgers 2 large fries and 4 drinks.

Steady Eddie gave a drink to Jenny and one to Justin. Steady Eddie noticed that the train was about to enter the Euro Tunnel. Soon after the gang heard an announcement over the intercom which said.

‘We are about to enter the Euro Tunnel. The whether in France is cold but sunny.’

The announcement continued ‘We will reach France in half an hour.’

They decided to watch Drake and Josh. Steady Eddie got the DVD out and Justin got the DVD player out. Jenny placed the DVD into the player.

20 minutes later:

‘That was really funny.’ Stated Jenny.
‘Yes I agree with you there.’ said Justin and Steady Eddie.

It was now 14:25 they were nearly at Gare du Nord station. The train gathered to a stop. They waited until the other passengers got out of the train before they made their dramatic escape.

They entered platform 3 and walked toward the exit to the ticket machine. They placed €5 in the slot and the screen showed them a list of destinations. They chose Nice. They then chose a date, which was 21st February. Then finally they chose a time, which was 12:30. 

(To be continued in The unintended Journey 8 – They tour round Paris and than they head to Nice)

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