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Get to Know Your Teens - What Could Have Been

Becca and I drove home after the show and thought about our future. I drove to the beach and got out of the car.

I walked down the beach and got down on my knee and said, 'I have loved you for years, and I can’t see my life without you so, will you marry me?' 'Yes, I will.'

We got married then went out to eat and had a pizza from Pizza Hut then went home to bed.

14 Years Later

We had two girls and a boy, their names were JJ, Dylan and Kayla. JJ's a computer nerd and studying IT, Dylan is a Lawyer and Kayla is a Theatre writer.

JJ is disabled so he has to go to the Bobath Centre for physio, whilst he's there he discovers he has to have an operation. One of the physios gives us the name of a person who had it before.

We sat down while we waited and all of a sudden a beautiful girl appeared wearing a school uniform. 'This is Heather and her mum Claire,' the physio says.

Heather had brunette shoulder-length hair, had a smooth complexion and was carrying a pink handbag.

Claire was quite young with long red hair and wore leather trousers and she teamed it with a leather jacket.

JJ = I

I went all quiet while my mum jotted down contacts of Claire as well as Heather so I could contact directly with her.

We went back home where I immediately go upstairs and write an email to Heather:

Dear Heather,

How are you? I'm great. Do you want to come over tomorrow? I’ve got something to tell you that can’t really be emailed.

Best regards,


She read the email and replied -




The next day she came to the house and we went to my room.

'I know why you emailed me. You have feelings for me,' she said happily.

'Yes,' I said.

She took off her coat. She was wearing a multicoloured Burnt Soul catsuit. 'Is there a place where I can wash up?' 'Through there,' I said.

She comes back wearing a leotard and goes under the covers and starts slipping it off.

'There's nothing under these covers but me.'

'Isn’t this too fast,' JJ said.

'No, your grown-up self is 29 years old writing this story and you’ve never had a girlfriend before,' she said.

I was agreeing quite quickly and went to bed where we did our thing.

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