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​A Dream to Remember

I was in a village with my friends Chris and Kyle. In the middle of the village there was a giant jet. As it was September 26, 2009 there is a tradition that there is a performance in the jet.

 I was intent in finding out what was in there but we couldn’t get in because the jet was tall and there were no steps oddly. So I had to find out how to get in.

In front of the jet there was a message:

To get in this jet you need to conquer this challenge. As you can see the plane is high and there is no steps. So to get in you need to jump really high. To jump this high you need to…

It stopped there. We were all thinking on how to get in there. While we were thinking a messenger boy came with some additional information.

‘The Jet is also filled with water.’

‘This is going to be more difficult than I originally intended.’ I said.

‘All we need are wet suits to complete that bit.’ Kyle said.

‘But how do we jump.’ Chris said.

‘All we do is I jump then you jump and then Kyle jumps. When you jump you need to grab hold of my ankle and then Kyle jumps and grabs onto Chris.’  I said.

We got ready. Then we went to the plane and I jumped to attempt to grab on to the tail. I was falling. Then suddenly Chris jumped. Surprisingly we jumped higher. Then when Kyle jumped we made it to the plane.
The plane was big with a stage and about 2,000 seats. The seats were covered in velvet. It was nearly time for the performance so we went to our seats.

When the lights dimmed we saw a shadow of the performer. When the lights flooded the stage there in the middle was my twin sister Carolyn.

‘That’s my twin.’ I said.

After the performance we all disembarked the plane, Carolyn did as well and the plane took of into the night.

We all praised her and then we all went to bed.

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