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A Trip With The Noodlemans

The Noodleman family were in London one morning and decided to organise a trip. They looked in Time Out and inspected the exhibitions and cinema listings. They then saw that Toy Story 2 was on at 13:00.

‘That looks good,’ said Mrs Noodleman.

‘Yeah it does,’ said Mr Noodleman. ‘What should we do after that?’

‘We could go to the theatre and see Bedroom Farce,’ Mrs Noodleman answered.

‘That’s an excellent idea,’ Mr Noodleman replied.

‘I’ll get the kids,’ said Mrs Noodleman.

She then went up an elaborately posh staircase up to their kid’s bedroom. She knocked on the door.

‘Hi. How would you like to go to see Toy Story 2 today?’ Mrs Noodleman said.

‘I always wanted to see that film,’ said Poodle Noodleman.

‘What’s happening here?’ asked Ned Noodleman.

‘We’re going to see Toy Story 2, and then we’re going to see Bedroom Farce.’ Said Mrs Noodleman.

They all went downstairs where they saw Mr Noodleman tucking into a Pot Noodle.

The family went outside and got in their car and started it and went to the cinema. On the way, they hit traffic and were moving at one mile an hour.

‘We’re never going to make the film, are we?’ Poodle said.

‘Don’t be so negative!’ Mr Noodleman said.

It was about 12:55 and the movies were still five miles away. They arrived 2 hours later.

They got out the car and went to the box office.

‘Hi Can we have four tickets to Toy Story 2 please?’ Mrs Noodleman asked.

‘I’m sorry, you missed it. The next showing is in 1000 years,’ said the ticket clerk.

‘What we might as well do is wait for the DVD then,’ said Ned.

‘You’ll have to wait 2000 years for that,’ said the ticket clerk.

‘What…?’ Ned said.

(To Be Continued in A Trip With the Noodlemans 2 – What They Did Next)

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