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A Dream to Remember 3

I awoke from my bed feeling happy and excited about what was to come. I got dressed and had a leisurely breakfast of Ready Brek than headed to school. The school building was in a Georgian, Art Deco style. I then went to my tutor room to get registered.

After the tutorial I was wondering the vast impressive hallway when I came across a boy who seemed a bit lost.

‘Do you need help,’ I said in an excited voice.

‘Yes. Do you know where the Science classrooms are?’ He said.

‘Follow me,’ I said rather pleased with myself to be helping out. I led him outside, of all places to the Science section where he rushed to get to class.

I peaked in one of the classes and noticed there wasn’t a boy insight; it was full of girls wearing white dresses and little white shoes. I went inside and made myself noticed.

‘Yes, can I help you, said the teacher.

‘No thanks, I’m here to set up the disco,’ I said rather surprised.

‘Ah I almost forgot,’ the teacher said.

I started setting it up and then it was ready. I began dancing and singing to Be Back Soon.

‘Thank you so much,’ said the teacher.

‘You’re welcome,’ I said feeling surprised.

About an hour later the real disco man arrived but the class was empty and they didn’t realise.

So he set up the disco to enjoy for himself. He danced himself out of the building. I came out of the tutorial and walked to the exit and when I heard the music, I danced my way home.

I opened the door and saw my Dad sitting on the couch.

‘Thank you for that. I really needed to let off some steam,’ he said

‘No problem,’ I said while going upstairs and fainting on my bed.

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