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An Annoyance At Dinner

One afternoon Jill Pill was making dinner, while her husband was watching TV. Her kids Hilly and Millie were upstairs surfing the net. All of a sudden the TV broke down.

‘Dinners ready,’ Jill said over the intercom.
‘I’ll be there in a sec I’m just fixing the TV,’ said a frustrated Bill.

The kids headed downstairs and sat down to dinner. As Jill was preparing dinner and as Bill was trying to fix the TV, it suddenly fell through the floor. So he went to dinner and looked at his wife as if nothing had happened.

Millie helped Jill with moving dishes to the table, and they all sat down.

‘Jill can I have some Ketchup please,’ Bill said.
‘No problem. Anyone else want something while I’m up,’ said Jill.
‘No thank you,’ the kids said.

Jill sat down and began eating when…

‘Can I have some Coke please,’ Hilly Said. A reluctant Jill got up and got the coke and gave it to him.

Anyone else want something while I’m up,’ said Jill.

‘No thank you,’ they all said.

She sat down and guess what happens next?

‘Can I have a napkin please,’ asked Hilly.

Jill looked at Hilly with a disgust impression and just stayed in her seat.

After dinner, they decided to go upstairs while Jill would watch some TV.

Jill saw the hole in the floor and fainted.

Bill also fainted as he saw that the TV fell 7,000,000 metres down.

‘I didn’t know that the TV was that heavy,’ stated Bill.

‘Why don’t we go to bed and discuss this in the morning,’ said Jill yawning.

‘Good idea,’ Bill said, as they went upstairs for a deep sleep.

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