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Chips - Not Chip

 One day I was in Ed’s and I ordered the classic burger and a coke. When the meal came I realised they didn’t put enough chips on my plate so……

I called the police. They came dancing over. I told them what had happened and they said ‘Didn’t they have enough chips!’ They’re a restaurant, they should have chips to serve the galaxy.’

‘Good thing you contacted us. We will make sure you get your chips!’

He walked in the kitchen and said to the chefs, ‘How many chips do you have?’

The chefs said, ‘None left.’

The police went mad and said, ‘You are under arrest!’

The chefs said, ‘For having no chips?’

Police: ‘Are you questioning me?’
Chefs: ‘No!’

The police got really mad and arrested the chefs.

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