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Come Dy in the Ro ad

One afternoon I went scooting down the street when I came to a crossing. I pressed the button to cross the street and nothing happened I pressed it again and still, nothing happened. Five hours later it finally changed.

We continued down the street and we saw a police car with its signals going.

‘They’re just getting doughnuts,’ I said.

‘Really I think you can’t take that seriously,’ Sven said.

‘You’ll see what I mean in about thirty seconds,’ I said.

Thirty seconds later indeed we saw the police car and this time there was a doughnut box in there as well.

‘See what I mean. They don’t accomplish any work, they just act like pigs,’ I said.

‘That’s unbelievable. They really do that,’ said Sven looking surprised.

We decided to get the paper and read it whilst drinking coffee and an iced drink. We looked out the window briefly and saw a doughnut van gliding past and then immediately behind it there was a police car with its sirens going off.

We then witnessed a fire across the street and so we called the fire brigade. I got out the phone and dialled 999.

‘Hi I would like to report a fire across the street from the Starbucks in Golders Green,’ I said with a panic.

‘Oh I would like to help but all the fire crew are at an annual doughnut truck road chase so I’m so sorry,’ the operator said.

‘What should I do then?’ I asked.

‘Forget about it. It’s not your problem,’ said the operator.

‘Ok bye,’ I said sounding surprised.

(Kids if you see a fire don’t forget about it call 999 anyway as they will never say Forget about it.)

We then decided to go home for dinner as we had a load of fun for one day.

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