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Get to Know Your Teens

I woke up one morning and went to school, a secondary school in North West London, Whitefield School where I just started year 9. I was taking a range of subject from Maths to Science and some extra ones like Drama and English. 

I was due to perform in a school play called HackBack that evening at 19:00. So at 15:00 when everybody was heading home I stuck around with my class rehearsing. The play was so impressive that an agent came up to me and introduced himself,

"I am Mr Busybody..." he said as if was proud of himself. "I'm an agent for TV hosts and I came across something that might be perfect for you." 

"OK," I said excitedly. "How would you like to be a host for our new TV show, If you do come over to Busybody Studios tomorrow. I have to run now so see you tomorrow if you agree." 

I went home and went to bed. The next day I wondered about this proposal when I heard the postman. I went to see what I got. I saw a package from Mr Busybody. I opened it and it was a host pack. 
It read  - 

Get to Know Your Teens 


- Funny
- Witty

Gets £2000 a month

I walked over to the studio and walked in and asked to see Mr Busybody. He was wearing a multicoloured suit and a bow tie that spins with the press of a button in his pocket. I, on the other hand, was wearing a  black suit and bow tie.

He led me to the set. it was huge it had about 20 blocks all different colours. It had a huge sign that said 'Get to know Your Teens' in the center.

"Are you OK. It looks like you just went inside a dream."
"I think your right. I accept." I said as he led me to my dressing room.

"You go on stage in three minutes." Mr Busybody said.

I took this time to look at the script. It basically said I ask embarissing questions to the contestent and if they answer wrong we'll show them proof. I was really nervious a thirteen year old about to host a game show.

 "Welcome to the game show where you get to know children's embarissing moments. Please welcome your host for the evening, Mr Jeffrey Gillespie."

"Welcome to Get to Know Your Teens, the show where we get to know teenager's embarisng moments. Please welcome our first contestent, Becca." I said. 

Becca came in but was hidden behind a frosted glass wall, "I'm Becca Mecca from Ohio and I want to be a doctor when I grow up."

"Hi Becca, this first round I will ask two questions first is Do you play dare games? and the second is if you did who did you play with?" 

Becca responded, "I did, with Jeffrey Gillespie about a year ago."

"We will be right back after these messages," I said in haste. 

I had the curtain lowered and then I walked behind the glass and pushed a switch so the audience couldn't see or hear me.

Becca was surprised and happy.

"Do you remember what dare you were on," I said.

"I dare you to kiss me," Becca said. 

I slowly caressed my hands around Becca slowly move my hands up to her face when all of a sudden the trap door released and we both landed in the back seat with no other but Steady Eddie in the front. we placed a sheet over ourselfs and finished what we started.

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