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Hereward College – We Finally Arrive (3)

Suddenly the car span so much that it disappeared from view. Suddenly we were in the car park of the college. We parked up and unloaded and went in.

We went up to the desk where I received my bedroom key and block letter it was B16.

We went up to the block and sorted my room out, sorted out clothes, electrics and wheelchairs. Afterwards I said goodbye to my parents and went down to dinner. (Steady Eddie joined the school as well to be my personal gadget man. He got room number B15.)

I had a Burger and chips with an apple juice. After dinner I went back to my room and we made a secret entrance between B15 and B16.

Steady Eddie gave me a watch that vibrated whenever a new mission came in, a PSP with a spy camera and a laptop with a special database that listed all my nemeses and their weaknesses.

‘I will give you required equipment when you’re on a mission.’ Stated Steady Eddie.

Afterwards we watched TV until 21:00 then we went to bed and thought about what’s to come.

The next day we had breakfast, a nice fry up. After breakfast we were told to go to the TV Studio where I was given our timetable.

The introduction went on for 1 hour. Afterward we had a nice curry lunch while we discussed what would happen in the media lesson.

We went up to the lesson. The teacher walked in and asked us to make a film of making a cup of tea.

But then after just three minutes the watch vibrated…

(To be continued in Hereward College – The First Mission – where I complete a mission and get in trouble for the first time and I make friends with Chris)

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