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The Pointless Journey

Mr English lives in Ealing. He applied for a job as a banker in Canary Wharf. 
The interviewer said, ‘You’re hired. See you tomorrow!’

So Mr English went home. The next day he went to work. When he arrived at the office at 7 pm the boss came out and said, ‘What are you doing here?’
‘Working’ said Mr English.
Boss: ‘It is 7 pm! Try to be on time!’

By the time Mr English got back home it was time to go back to work.

Mr English became tired of this so he decided to build a tunnel from his house to his office. He phoned a builder and asked him to build a tunnel.

The builder came over in one second to build him the tunnel. He finished it in ten seconds.

The next day Mr English set off to work but when he got to the tunnel it was filled with traffic. He decided to put in a pin number.

The next day when he got to his tunnel and approached the gate across the entrance he realised that he forgot his pin number.

Mr English decided to call his boss to say I can’t keep doing this!  Between them, they decided he could work from home. The next morning he got a package with a computer in it. When he turned it on it asked him for a password.

As he didn’t know the password, he called the company. The person on the other side said, ‘What is the computer saying?’
‘It’s saying to pick a password but I don’t know what it is.’
‘You need to pick a password,’ said the person.

Mr English decided to turn in for the day and think of a new plan tomorrow.

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