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Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson, a true hero

He won the battle of Trafalgar

He died in the Victory

The crew placed his body in a cask of brandy mixed with camphor and myrrh,
 lashed to the Victory’s mainmast and placed under guard.

He was carved in stone and placed on a 151 foot column in Trafalgar Square

Nelson was a valiant hero to the English nation

He was missed as a person as well as a hero

It’s odd for me as I pass his column I look up to him and I am proud

I look up to him as a hero

He was missed by everyone particularly my dad’s family

I look up to him also as a family member because

He happens to be my great, great, great Grandfather

He was so great that he had a ship The Lord Nelson  named after him

A ship I sailed on many years later

A story to tell the grandchildren.

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