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Journey Through Los Angeles

Hotel Room, Paso Robles, California. One morning, Richard (my dad) and Elgy (his sister), and I got up got dressed and went to breakfast. I had hotcakes (pancakes) along with my dad.

After breakfast we enjoyed the sun by the lake and fed the fish. The fish were all different colours. The air smelt clean and fresh. We then went back to the room to pack. We got the suitcases; we brought them to the car and drove to Los Angeles.

Halfway down the motorway our tummies were rumbling so we decided to have lunch at a Denny’s.  We drove off the motorway and went onto a road to find one. At first we went the wrong way, then we turned around and made a left just after the motorway, and in the distance we could see the big yellow “D” for Denny’s.

We parked our car in the car park and then went in the restaurant to sit down. I ordered a burger and a Root Beer. Whilst we were eating we talked about politics. After we paid we went to the toilet and headed back to the car to continue our journey. We could see mountains on the side of the road, which was definitely a picture moment.

We were nearly there. We could see the skyline of LA. We just needed to get through the traffic. Twenty minutes on we reached the city of high-rise buildings and superstars. We even watched some filming. We then headed toward the Econo Lodge Hotel, which was where we were staying.

Once in the car park we parked the car and unpacked it then we checked into the hotel. After that we went on a search for a restaurant. After dinner we toured the town abit, we went through Beverly Hills and saw the nightlife. We then went back to the hotel and went to bed.

The next morning my dad and I went to a workman’s café where we had egg and chips and read the paper. Afterwards we went back in the car to pick up Elgy for a trip to Universal Studios.

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