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New York

Steady Eddie took a cab from the Empire State Building to the nearest Pancake House. On his way he noticed the blue sky. It was cold at the time. As it was getting darker he arrived at the Pancake House.

He sat near the window and he saw the lights turning on.
‘They sure are bright.’ He said to himself.
‘Yeah, they are.’ To his surprise, there was Smartie Artie.

‘Come sit down you must be tired.’
As he sat down Steady Eddie explained what he was doing. Steady Eddie noticed that the setting reminded him of the colour red because it’s so noisy outside. Smartie Artie agreed.

Once they ordered they could hear the traffic from the streets and the horns from the cars. They could also smell the fumes from the cars.
‘That smelt awful.’ said Steady Eddie. Smartie Artie agreed.

Once the food came (Chocolate Chip Pancakes) they compared it to the smell they smelt before it was a vast difference. Once they finished they paid the bill and went home to sleep.

The next day they saw the blue sky which reminded them of cold winter days and the sea. They then tucked into a nice breakfast and got dressed.

After breakfast they want to an Aquarium where they found more things that were blue these consisted of:


They then went home and plopped down on the couch after a long day.

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