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The Alien Eye 2

Kang and Scary Tim were in their home on planet Jupiter. Their home was big and extravagant. They had a lab in the basement full of their experiments. One morning they turned on the TV and they saw the O2 arena on it.

‘Should we destroy it,’ said Kang, in a mischievous tone.

‘I think we should,’ said Scary Tim.

They got in their spaceship and went to the O2 arena. When they landed they could see a round semi circle tent with poles sticking out of it.

‘I have a plan,’ said Kang. ‘I think we should attach a bomb to the bottom of it to blow it up.’

‘Good idea. But I think we should attach a remote-controlled bomb and see the explosion on TV to make sure we don’t get rear-ended by a rocket again,’ said Scary Tim.

‘I like your thinking,’ Kang said.

Scary Tim got some rockets and placed it all around the Arena. Meanwhile, Kang fixed a camera system to the front of the arena so they could watch their nasty plan in action.

Kang and Scary Tim went back to Jupiter to have some lunch. After lunch, they went to the TV and went to AV5 which was the Arena. They then pressed the button. The arena blew up and nobody knew who did it. Or do they.

A pedestrian was walking by and the saw them, she told a news reporter who raced to 10 Downing Street to tell Gordon Brown but to his surprise, David Cameron opened the door.

‘Where is the Prime Minister,’ she said.

‘I’m the Prime Minister,’ David Cameron said.

‘Ok, we have an issue a group of aliens have attacked and destroyed the O2 arena,’ she said.

‘Can you get me to them,’ he said.

‘Yes I can,’ she said.

She brought him to a space shuttle and flew him to Jupiter.

‘Did you destroy the O2 arena today?’ He said.

‘Ah no,’ they said looking worried.

‘I think you’re lying because from this DVD I can see you destroyed it,’ David said.

‘Then why did you ask us that question,’ they said.

‘Because I like to play fair,’ he said.

David Cameron attached a rocket to the aliens behind.

‘How do you know what to do,’ they said.

‘Gordon Brown gave me some instructions when I became PM,’ Said David Cameron.

‘OH,’ said the aliens.

The rocket ignited and blew them off the planet heading toward Pluto.

‘I have to write a memo regarding this to the next Prime Minister,’ thought David Cameron.

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