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The Careless Carer

It was the summer of 2015, I had to hire another carer so I looked at a magazine called Careful Carers. I was trying to find a male carer but sadly they only had a selection of woman.

I looked through the magazine and eventually chose a girl called Katie Cortez, I arranged for her to come two weeks before I began Goldsmiths University. 

The day came, she arrived and we got to know each other, the next day I wanted to talk more but she wasn't a big talker almost like a mouse, which is strange as she talks loudly and sometimes she even laughs like a hyena. 

The next day I arranged for her to get a bank account and I took her to the London Eye. We took the tube and she struggled to tilt the chair to lift it on the tube. She wanted to use a ramp but there was none so we ended up taking the bus to Hampstead Heath to take the overground (where ramps are always available). 

We arrived at the bank and got her registered for an account then we had lunch at Giraffe and looked around and did some shopping.

We then went home to get ready for Goldsmiths and pack our bags. We moved in on the Sunday for freshers week. I enrolled for my year and she enrolled for volleyball every Friday

Moving forward a week I was at my Computer Security class studying. I learnt a lot of neat stuff like CIA, Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. 

After class, I was waiting for her and she didn't show up it turns out she was half an hour away at Tesco buying a book called "Are you Forgetting Someone". She got on the bus at 17:30 (an hour and a half after she was meant to be at Goldsmiths).

We went back to our room and I began discussing why she's interested in this job. "You don't take this job seriously." and she was saying "This is the best job in the world." "What? Because of all your days off?"  

That was her cue to start crying! I made a girl cry!!

"I'm not going to take you home until we sort this out!"

I was livid when I heard this as this isn't something you say to your boss. 

My Dad rang me that night saying he found someone to fix my wheelchair and the only day he could come was on a Saturday. When I told Katie she flipped out. Major pout.  Cue Black moods.

The next day the wheelchair guy came round and began fixing my wheelchair, half-way through my Dad came to take me home I couldn't really stand being near Katie. 

The next day I went back to the train station and I met Katie at Kilburn underground station. We went to the platform and she struggled to get the chair on board. She began sulking as she couldn't get the wheelchair on the train, the door kept closing, opening, closing. 

We decided to go to Hampstead Heath overground station. We took the 189 to Hall Road then walked to Grove End Road to take the 46 bus to Royal Free Hospital which is a 2-minute walk from the station. 

We took the train back to Goldsmiths.

Four and a half days later...

We were on a train from New Cross to Hampstead Heath and the ramp guys didn't show up so we set off for Willesden Junction, where Natalia finally asked a random passenger for help. 

We eventually got to Hampstead Heath where Dad was waiting.
'Hi', I said. 'Hi, as next weeks holiday could I get the extra amount?'
Dad passed her an extra £25. She then left to play some Volleyball.

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