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The Pointless Journey 4 - Trip to College

One morning I was starting college so I got up and did my morning routine; all was running smoothly till we got in the car. (This journey was done by my dad who was showing my mum how to do it.)

We went up the hill and hit traffic so Dad turned right at the bottom of the road he turned left and went to Camden. By the green, he turned left then right. He then did a loop the loop when he realised he went the wrong way.

He went so far in that direction that he hit Spain. ’I’m so going to miss school today,’ I said. He went back he turned right instead of left and guess what happened? He hit Sweden. Just then dad saw some green and said, ‘We’re almost there.’

I turned my head with utter surprise. ‘How can we? We are in a different continent. Look it’s 16:00 in London now why don’t we go to the airport and go home.’

So we did. But dad booked the tickets.

‘We were going to Tokyo,’ I said.

While we were in Tokyo international airport we bumped into a friend, Steady Eddie.

‘What are you doing here,’ I asked.

‘Learning Japanese. You?’ Steady Eddie replied.

‘Going to my college. Westminster Kingsway in King Cross,’ I replied.

‘Isn’t that in Kings Cross,’ Steady Eddie replied.

‘Yes it is,’ I said with a laugh. ‘Can you help us,’ I continued.

‘That’s why you wrote me in your book,’ he said excitedly.

He cleared a space. Went in his bag to get a very big sheet from his very small sack. We went in the space. He placed the sheet over our heads and clicked his fingers. The sheet sank into the ground and we disappeared.

He then went to Grays Inn Road where he saw a sheet on the ground.

‘I wonder,’ he said looking pleased. He lifted the sheet and you will never guess what was underneath.

It was a manhole cover. Steady Eddie lifted the cover and we stepped out.

‘It’s too late though,’ I said with a worried face.

‘Is it…….?’ Steady Eddie said.

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