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The Unintended Journey

He could not believe his eyes! The face staring back at him was the very last face he had expected to see. He moved closer and to his surprise, there was his sister, Jenny.

‘Hi Jenny, how are you?’ said Justin.
‘I’m fine.’ said Jenny, ‘How are you?’
‘I’m good, thank you,’ said Justin.

Jenny was looking worried.

‘Why are you looking so worried?’ Justin asked.

‘I have to go around the world in 80 minutes because I bet my friend that it could be done. When I get back here I need to meet her near the London Eye.’

‘OK, so when does this race start?’

‘Noon tomorrow.’

‘So, basically, you need to leave here at 12:00 noon and get back to the London Eye at 13:20 pm?’

‘Yes,’ said Jenny
‘It’s very tight,’ said Justin, ‘but I’m sure it can be done.’
‘Anything’s possible if you put your mind to it,’ said Jenny.
‘I want to assist you,’ said Justin.
‘That would be nice.’

The next day when the clock struck 12 they set off for Paris by high-speed train. They arrived at 12:15 pm. When they got there they headed outside for a glimpse of the city. At 12:20 they made their way back to the train station to get the next train to Turkey. The train was well furnished and the patterns were exquisite. They sat down and enjoyed the ride.
‘How are you liking it so far?’ asked Justin.

‘It’s the fastest trip I’ve taken in years,’ said Jenny.

At around 12:45 they arrived in Turkey. They were in a hurry so they went to the airport to catch a plane to Japan. They caught the plane at 12:55 because the airport was next-door to the train station.

When they took off they looked out the window and they could see the beautiful landscapes of Turkey. When they landed it was 13:15. They had to fly back to London then so they caught a plane at 13:20. Too late! They arrived in London at 13:25.

Just then Big Ben said 13:10 and they suddenly remembered the time change. Jenny’s friend was stunned and she rewarded her with a trip around the world in 80 days.

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