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The Unintended Journey 4
Around the World in Eighty Days (Part 3)

It was 9:45 Jenny and Justin were in a huge traffic jam there was no way they were going to stick to the schedule for today.  But suddenly they saw a flash of light inside the car it slowly transformed into a shape of a human. When the smoke cleared they could see that it was Steady Eddie.

‘What are you doing here?’ asked Jenny.

Steady Eddie then replied ‘I’m here to get you out of this traffic.’
‘How are you going to do that?’ asked Justin.
‘Just watch.’

Steady Eddie placed a blanket over there heads and said.
‘Abra Kadabra transfer my friends and me to the entrance of the station.’

Steady Eddie then took off the blanket and there they were at the entrance.

Steady Eddie then said ‘Why are you at St Pancras Station?’

‘We are here because we are going around the world in eighty days.’  Justin replied. 
‘So what are the details?’ ‘The details are:

I bet my friend that I could go around the world in eighty minutes. So I completed the journey and she gave me a reward to go around the world in eighty days. So I accepted the challenge and that’s it.’

‘Oh I see.’ ‘I have a favour to ask I always wanted to go around the world in eighty days so can I join you.’ Jenny and Justin said at exactly the same time, ‘Of course you can join our journey.’

‘That’s great thank you.’ said Steady Eddie.
‘So why don’t we go inside and book our tickets for noon.’ Jenny requested.

So they entered the building and waited in line at the ticket machine. They went up to the machine and stated that they were going to Paris and that three people wanted to go. They got some money from their bag and Steady Eddie magically made some money for his ticket appear and then Justin placed the note and coins in the slot. Their tickets popped out.

Justin then said ‘It’s 10:45 we have 1 and a quarter hours, why don’t we find a café?’
Jenny and Steady Eddie both agreed and said ‘That’s a good idea.

(To be continued in The Unintended Journey 5 – Train Journey and what they did when they got to Paris)

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